This Brand New ‘Create-Your-Own’ Pasta To Go Shop Just Opened Up A Second Location In Downtown Edmonton

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February 22, 2019 by

If you’re working downtown, swing by Amore Pasta for a quick dinner after work! Our pasta creations are great for enjoying at the restaurant or grabbing to go.

How To Create Your Own Pasta: 

  1. To start, choose your style of pasta noodle. All of our pasta is made in-house at our commissary kitchen.
  2. The next step is picking your sauce. We have a wide variety of sauces from the traditional cream and tomato sauces to chipotle, pesto and jerk sauce… and so much more!
  3. Next, grab your veggies and proteins. Our menu has over 20 different fresh veggies and seven different proteins. Top it off with your choice of cheese and watch your creation get put together right in front of you!

But Wait… 

Can’t decide what to put on your pasta? You can also choose from our selection of specialty pasta dishes created by our chefs! Whether you’re grabbing one of these or making your own, we’ll have your pasta ready in 8-15 minutes with a freshly baked bun on the side.

Amore Pasta is the perfect place for a quick bite, or easy grab and go after a long day of work. Don’t worry, if you can’t build your own creation in-store be sure to check us out on Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes!